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Dr. Mark G. Huber will provide the expertise and all medications to first sedate and then to ensure your pet's comfort and compassionate passing.  We will move at the pace that suits you and your family best.  

Aftercare pricing

Private Cremation

This option is for owners who wish to have their pet privately cremated at a family owned, local, licensed crematory.  A keepsake paw print will be made for you prior to our departure.  Your pet's ashes are kept in a beautifully, hand carved wooden urn that will be returned to you within two weeks by Rainbow Bridge Deliveries.

Pets up to 49 pounds

Pets 50 to 99 pounds

Pets 100-150 pounds

Pets 151-200+ pounds

Private Cremation





Communal Cremation

This is an option for owners who do not wish to have their pet's ashes returned nor do they wish for a home burial.  Pets are respectfully cremated with other beloved pets at a family owned, local licensed crematory.  A portion of your pet's cremated remains are buried at Keystone Pet Cemetery, located in Mertztown, PA (near Kutztown). A Memorial headstone exists and is updated annually to memorialize all pets cremated.  A keepsake paw print will be made for you prior to our departure.  

Pets up to 49 pounds

Pets 50-99 pounds

Pets 100-150 pounds

Pets 151-200+ pounds

Communal Cremation





Home Burial

This option is at no additional charge and is for owners who wish to have a home burial service.  A keepsake paw print will be made for you prior to our departure.  There are no additional fees with this option. 

Home Burial of a Pet


Burial should only be performed in accordance with local and state laws and with, when applicable, the landlord’s authorization.


To protect human, animal and environmental health please follow these guidelines:

  • When digging a hole, ensure that the top of the body is covered with at least 2 feet of earth. If this depth is not attainable, it is important to cover the hole with a large rock or wire to prevent digging by wildlife. 

  • Euthanized pet remains are poisonous and possibly mortal to other animals who would ingest it

  • Pets that died of a contagious disease should be cremated

  • A deceased animal may leak body fluids after passing

  • Buried animals must not come in contact with any surface bodies of water or groundwater including inland lakes, streams, rivers, open drains

  • Deceased animals should not be buried in sandy soils, black land, rocky soil, flood land or around home foundation

  • Animal graves must not be located within 200 feet of any stream or groundwater and 500 feet from a well used to supply potable drinking water

  • Place a layer of lime at the bottom of the hole and over the body.

  • Compress the earth and level the soil.

Additional Fees

Additional charges may apply for extended travel ($55), holidays, aggressive pets and exotic species.  Please text for a quote if you feel there may be additional charges based on the information provided. 


Prices effective February 2024

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