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Is it Time?

No one knows your pet better than you and your family.  In their own way, your pet will let you know. We believe it is truly unmistakable.  Quality is measured by many things, but sadly, if any of the following are true, than the quality has diminished far enough:

  • Decreased interest in food, especially treats or human food

  • Decreased interest in interacting with the family

  • Inability to control bowels or urine

Remember that one or two bad days is okay, but when the bad days far outnumber the good AND when your family can no longer ​look at one another in the eye and say that she is enjoying life, then the time truly has come.

The Huber Family

If we are unavailable to accommodate your immediate request for euthanasia and your preferred vet is closed, please consider PETS Emergency for humane euthanasia.