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All services are offered and provided in the comfort of your home


If leaving a message, please also send a text message as we do not always receive voicemails in a timely fashion, thank you. 

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Stacey Huber, 717.808.4654 

Dr. Mark G. Huber, DVM

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Why home euthanasia is the right choice for many


Is it Time?

No one knows your pet better than you and your family.  In their own way, your pet will let you know. We believe it is truly unmistakable.  Quality is measured by many things, but sadly, if any of the following are true, then the quality has diminished far enough:

  • Decreased interest in food, especially treats or human food

  • Decreased interest in interacting with the family

  • Inability to control bowels or urine

Remember that one or two bad days is okay, but when the bad days far outnumber the good AND when your family can no longer ​look at one another in the eye and say that your pet is enjoying life, the time truly has come.

When the time has come...

If we could only be so lucky for our pets to one day fall asleep, pass on their own, never to awaken.  When this fails to happen, we remember the one promise that we give to our pets: that we will never ask them to suffer for us.  After more than two decades of helping dog and cat owners with euthanasia in both private practice and emergency room settings, hearing their failed pleas to have the service done in their home, we realized this was the one true way we could give back.

Is it Time?
Dr. Mark G. Huber

Dr. Huber graduated from Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Science in 1995 and Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1999. He has been a veterinary practitioner for the past 24 years with a special interest in emergency and critical care. Born and raised in Lancaster, Dr. Huber grew up surrounded by animals working in his parents’ pet shop, Petology. It was there that he first witnessed the deep bond between pet owners and their pets as members of the family.

His experience as a veterinarian has evolved over the years. What he now loves most about veterinary medicine is the privilege to work day after day with dog and cat owners who are the ultimate animal lovers. He knows these individuals are the purest in spirit and he is so honored to be entrusted to the care of their animals. It is something he never takes for granted.  

Outside the office, Mark and his wife Stacey are celebrating the successes of their six children.  They have three dogs and four cats.  Life is quite full and always interesting. For fun and escape, Mark enjoys playing chess, reading, wine tasting and cycling.  

The Huber Family
Stacey C. Huber

An animal advocate from an early age, Stacey has been rescuing and fostering pets for as long as she remembers. A Millersville University graduate, who grew up in rural Pennsylvania, Stacey has been fortunate to share many years with all types of furry companions whom she considers family! 


Currently, Stacey and Mark have three dogs, Reiki, Cleo and Sansa along with four cats, Calvin, Sniffles, Tobi and TeaSea.

They're also parents to humans. Ashley, an employee at Penn State Health, Avery, a senior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Peter, a senior at Millersville University, Josh, a junior at West Chester University,  Morgan a sophomore at Penn State University and Ben, who is finding his way in the world.  


Stacey enjoys Pickleball, volunteering at Centerville Pet Rescue, reading, knitting, tandem cycling, fostering/rescuing furry friends, the great outdoors, and traveling. 

Recognizing the peace and closure that comes from at home euthanasia, Stacey encouraged Mark to extend this service to the local community.   

About Us

What to Expect

It is not going to be easy. All at once, it will be one of the hardest things you have ever done and one of the most important events of your life--a gift, in fact.  Although we will do it together, it is you that will have the most important job: petting them the entire time, talking to them, thanking them.  You know what they have cherished most. As they pass, you remind them of all their favorite things. 

Whether it's under the tree in the front yard, the patio out back, or the sofa by the fireplace, that is where we will be to let your friend go. Our time together will be short, maybe 35 minutes or an hour. When you are ready (you'll never be "ready") the first injection will be made to gently sedate your pet.  Once this has allowed them to rest, a final injection will still be needed.  When the last kisses, the last hugs, the last stroking of their fur, are done, we will say goodbye.  If your desire for aftercare is cremation, we will transport your pet for aftercare.  A keepsake, clay paw print will be made for you, prior to our departure.



If we are unavailable to accommodate your immediate request for euthanasia and your preferred vet is closed, please consider PETS Emergency for humane euthanasia.  

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